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Auto Book: Automate booking of purchase orders via email

Auto Book is an application developed by Logitope for automatized exchange of purchase order (PO) information by email.

The sending party creates a PO based on a template, automatically saves the PO data such as date, PO number, remuneration, etc. in an easy to use, local database and sends the PO by email. The receiving party extracts these data automatically from the received email and also stores them in a local database.

Auto Book is meant to be an alternative to ubiquitous cloud-systems that, while offering safety, are usually considerably slower than email, especially for suppliers who may have to log into a host of different systems as each client tends to use a different provider.

A data viewer with summing function to quickly calculate costs/income for a period of time as well as a versatile Extraction Wizard that generates RegEx patterns based on mouse-clicks are included.

The software is designed to give the user maximum control over all data, using tab-separated plain-text files that can be viewed and edited with the internal viewer or any other suitable text editor/spreadsheet application. It's lightweight and no installation is required.

More information:

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